Breathing is something you can feel that you do without thinking. Like breathing, your heartbeat beats without a single thought. You just do it. Your body just runs like a machine and you have no switched to shut on or off. You have no cool off or heat up buttons. You just do these things. Actions. What do you think causes these actions to occur? God created human and from there breath was born. And from there heartbeats were made. And from there life was a present tense action. Living.

You go and you do and you continue on and work and try and fail and succeed and try again and you give up and you push harder and you just do.

God allows you to just do, but it’s how you do things that makes you you. Choices vs. necessary actions.

You can choose to lay in bed all day.
You can choose to smile and laugh.
You can choose to feel something or experience something new.
You can choose to follow God, but once you do, is that a necessary action? At first you might think so, but once you fully grasp and understanding of how gracious God is, you turn that necessary action switch in your brain off because you heart is saying God leads so I will follow because I love him. He first loved me didn’t he?

Choose to love
Choose to learn
To laugh
To discover
To dream
To pray
To grow
To praise God
To thank God for his son
To breathe
To live
To breathe


Blessings make you…

It’s the best feeling in the world to know I have such a wonderful family. I have one week left (6 days now) until I come home from my summer in Florida. This excites me more than you’ll ever be able to imagine. I can’t wait to see my Meme and Papa. Those two have influenced me to the greatest of depths. They mean more to me than any material item ever will. I can’t believe I get to see their precious faces in 4 days… It’s honestly a dream turning into sweet reality. I miss my mountains. Those mountains have made me stronger. The way they stand so tall, they allow me to fight for what I want. Those mountains are symbolic to my hard times and love lost. Those mountains are my blessings. The sunshine is my saving grace. That sunshine is closer to GOD and Heaven above and that’s the reason I have fallen in complete spiritual love with it. The sun and the mountains make a beautiful connection every morn and evening. The sunrises and sunsets are more majestic than wild horses. I think I love to watch the sun rise and fall because it’s slow and it’s subtle… Once it’s over you know that in a few hours that blessing of the sunshine will connect with those mountain tops again, and another creation and masterpiece from God above will begin. These are my blessings. My family my friends my faith… Those are my blessings. Blessings make you.

What I would give.

What I would give to have this all figured out
To breathe once again and quiet my shout

What I would do to follow my heart
To dream my dreams and glue together my parts

To swallow my pride and boost my confidence
To love what I do say and feel in the midst of this

This life that I live I will leave someday
A life full of passion and hope, I pray

To have and to hold what God has planned for me to do
I promise myself my dreams will come true

What I would give to figure out life
To recognize healing or subtle strife

A young lady I am a grown woman I’ll be
I pray God’s plans are perfect for me

What I would give…

I’d give it all.


And they visited their daughter…

6 weeks.
Six weeks.
42 days.
1,008 hours.
60,480 seconds.

That is how long I’ve spent away from mom and dad.
That’s a long time away if you think about it. You have to live in someone else’s house, go to work five days a week, live with your brother that you just recently started to really know, and his wife who I am just starting to know for the first time; it’s different. Its a change. These past 6 weeks have been bumpy. I have cried, smiled, laughed, snapped, hugged, ran, and slept. The emotions in me have been overflowing and I’m proud to say that things are alright. Mom and dad visited me this past weekend. I don’t think I have ever been more thankful to see them in my entire life. Distance sometimes does make the heart grow fonder. Seeing my parents was very special to me. I have always been a home body, but its hard because I love to travel. Here I am working on week seven. I have two and a half more weeks here and then my summer before senior year… will be over. My mother and father taught me well. They raised me to know right from wrong, but it’s how I apply the right and wrong to situations that determine my outcome. To my parents, thanks for visiting your daughter.


Motivational Morning Message

‘Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free
‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gain’d,
To bow and to bend we shan’t be asham’d,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come ’round right.

~Joseph Brackett

This week started off rocky, but things started getting a lot better. I had a heart to heart with someone I love dearly. She spoke to me about my attitude and while I being the teenager I am, did not notice my attitude, it was still there. I cried, yes. I don’t like to cry, but I really needed to. I had so much built up emotions and feelings. She just sat and listened to me and made me feel better. I’m really glad she told me to change my attitude because after our talk/my cry fest, my week started to get better. You see, I am a very blessed young lady. At the age of 17, I have a paid internship with an interior design firm in Florida for the ENTIRE summer! Now, I don’t know about you, but not many seventeen year old girls get that opportunity as easily as I did. The experiences I am taking home with me are unlike most. I have my first job. I get my first pay check today… things are looking up. Even with the loss of my great aunt, I still have been positive with my attitude because she is now in Heaven. Time is all we have and it’s time we make the most of what’s left!

Time is a virtue, time is of the essence… potato, potahto…

Life is about living and if you are stuck with a big ego or you think you’re better than everyone, you may need to get knocked off your high horse and begin again! Its about time, patience, attitude, and finding out how you function. Stop letting the worries of life overwhelm you because without the stresses, you can live life. I do realize that life has stress and people do worry, but it’s about how yo handle them. It’s about being positive. You can achieve so much more with positivity. I’m so thankful for time. Time allowed me to “fix my glitch”, and my week became one I will forever remember.

It’s the simple things in life. Wrap those memories up, tie them with a bow, and you now have a simple gift. That gift can mean so much. Share it with a friend or a family member, or just keep it for yourself. Whatever you choose to do with your time and your gifts, make sure you live. Make sure you love. Believe in yourself so others can believe in you, too.

It’s a gift to be simple, it’s a gift to be free, it’s a gift to live the way you want to be…